Top 10 Most Haunted Forests In the World

It's not just the elements and the animals you should be wary of welcome to tech forests in the world for this list we're looking at famous forests from around the world that are allegedly haunted it's been around for so long and and I think it's something that you know we can see that we can pass down as long as the land with no life has a legend that lives.

Number 10 daring woods due to several reports of blood-curdling screams at night the daring woods are also known as the screaming woods the forest is located in pluckley Kent which is set to be the most haunted village in Britain but it's not just the screams that alarm visitors some have also reported hearing mysterious whispers lost style as well as ghostly footsteps highwayman Robert Dubois was killed there in the 18th century so maybe it's him a figure in a long black coat collar roided-up looks without drawing boots on and it went across the road through the age and oh I'll just write the words are world renowned and have been featured in a number of TV shows including Ghost Hunters International and Top Gear we are in the screaming woods PI's.

Number 9 Pocomoke State Forest this forest can be found in Maryland situated between the small town of Snow Hill in Pocomoke City it has quite the reputation in Maryland and locals warned that the forest should not be entered at night but by night the thort forest is very thick and there are more stories about hauntings in this forest than any other one single place in Maryland and they go on for 200 years there have been reports of women screaming and babies crying it's also home to some creepy urban legends they include mysterious fireballs and various tales of people going missing or winding up dead one tale starts with a couple running out of gas in the forest at night the boy stepped out and the girl fell asleep despite scratching noises on the car roof when she woke she discovered her boyfriend hanging by his feet over the car.

Number 8 the island of the dolls  to those of you who find dolls creepy look away now located south of Mexico City in the woods and channels of Xochimilco is an abandoned island littered with dolls it looks like a scene from a horror movie hundreds of dolls strung up and hanging from trees some of these dolls can be found in the islands cobwebs and bug infested buildings but most are seen hanging from the trees the story of the dolls dates back to the 1950s when the landowner Don Huyen Santana Barrera began hanging them in the trees to ward off spirits in Mexican culture there are a lot of legends about dolls people believe that they can trap evil spirits and stop them from harming anyone one particular spirit was that of a drowned girl whom Santana Baretta believed was haunting him and his land oh my god.

Number 7 which would Forest England's which would Forest has a long and storied history located north of Whitney Oxfordshire it's believed that the Wychwood area has been inhabited since 3000 BC and was once a part of an ancient Roman road network I told you about to enter Rome as a blood-stained Conqueror and yet you look as calm as glad I appears huh it's said that the forest is haunted by the ghost of a mihrab heart the wife of Earl of Essex Robert Dudley a mihrab saw was the wife of Robert Dudley now he was Elizabeth the first great favorite so much so that it was rumoured that they planned to marry despite the fact that Robert already had a wife Rob Sark died under mysterious circumstances and according to legend Dudley later encountered her ghost in which wood forest he unexpectedly died just a few days later and anyone who sees the spirit of a mihrab hard in which wood will suffer the same fate.

Number 6 Dao hill of course I'm located roughly 20 miles or 30 kilometres from Darjeeling India is a place called the Dao hill of course I own this location houses beautiful tea plantations orchid gardens and a dense forest however it supposedly also houses many evil and paranormal entities these include the ghost of a headless boy a mysterious red eye that peers at visitors and a lady clad in gray the location also contains the Victoria boys High School a century-old school that's said to be haunted with mysterious footsteps and ominous whisperings this area sounds super creepy and to be honest it had us chilled at headless ghost boy.

Number 5 Devil's tramping ground a short walk in the woods will show you that growth is one of nature's great forces with a name like Devil's tramping ground you best believe the place is haunted this isn't a forest itself but a place within a forest it's actually a barren circle of ground located in Bear Creek North Carolina a 40-foot near-perfect circle look closely no trees no growth but a story that's grown for three centuries the tramping ground is a popular camping spot but it's set to be the location where the devil comes out of the earth plots his schemes and brings evil into the world hence The Devil's tramping ground people believe that the devil comes to Chatham County and he comes at night and walks in a circle and plans all sorts of meanness and missed you of course the local community has more than its fair share of creepy stories regarding the barren circle and will tell you that dogs whimper and moan whenever they near it.

Number 4 oh yeah bout you forest located to the west of cluj-napoca Romania this forest is a popular recreation destination as it's owned trails a biking park and locations for airsoft and archery however it's also a popular tourist destination due to its links to the paranormal we went there and there was a there's a little circle in the middle of the forest where no vegetation grows no trees and that circle is said to be a portal to the spirit world the forest is colloquially known as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania due to the range of bizarre occurrences that take place within its boundaries it was a popular UFO hotspot in the late 60s and early 70s and modern visitors have reported disembodied screams ghosts unexplainable marks and burns on their skin and feelings of intense anxiety they also claim they felt they were being watched the entire time and that they heard mysterious crying and giggling that could not be explained it's also home to some irregularly shaped trees which certainly don't help with those anxious feelings.

Number 3 Epping Forest we are returning to England yet again for Epping Forest located between Essex and the Greater London area unfortunately the forests proximity to London has turned it into a crime hot spot dozens of people have been killed in the force throughout the years highwaymen ran rampant back in the day and it's locally known as a burial ground for murder victims perhaps it's this violent history that caused the force to become haunted many people have reported strange noises and ghostly apparitions throughout the years and the spirit of highwayman Dick Turpin was allegedly spotted by the most haunted team during a live broadcast in the forest.

Number 2 the Black Forest the Black Forest isn't so much a forest as it is an entire mountain range located in the southwest of Germany due to its age and wide expanse the black forest has become the subject of numerous urban legends and fairy tales so this is where you guys live yeah we're the guardians of this grotto these include tales of supposed water nymphs a large gathering of Celtic ghosts in a local graveyard and an ancient king who lives underwater and drags women into his watery grave this part of the forests creepiness can also be attributed to its thick and dense fir trees which shadow the ground in perpetual darkness before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and bring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.

Number 1 Freetown state forest this 5,000 acre forest can be found in the southeastern portion of Massachusetts despite its beauty the forest has reportedly been linked to cult activity in the past which includes instances of animal sacrifice and ritualistic murder it's also a part of the so called Bridgewater triangle a 200 square mile or 518 square kilometer area that's allegedly home to various paranormal phenomena these include sightings of Bigfoot and UFOs ghosts and poltergeists various Native American curses and giant creatures known as Thunderbirds so he's the real reason I came to America it's a certifiable hodgepodge of paranormal goings-on so if that's your thing then you owe it to yourself to visit everything had to be my way this is where we've ended up do you agree with our picks.

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